Cable Testing Tools – Locate faulty N-connectors and/or faulty cables

toneG and toneR_1300

This cable testing kit , (CT), enables you to quickly test all your coaxial cables in your repeater installation.

The coaxial cables inside your building/ship can have the following problems:


Putting N-connectors onto coaxial cable requires skill and it is easy to get it wrong.

If the centre pin of the connector is too far inside the housing, then it will not form a contact with the centre core of the cable and it will attenuate the signal badly. Even worse, it will appear as an “open” circuit, with no signal passing at all.

Another type of failure is a small braid of metal can get caught between the centre pin and the outside housing of the connector. This will result in a short, which will also block the signal.
too far inside



A kink in the cable

A faulty cable can occur if the cable gets kinked or crushed in any way. Again, this fault will manifest itself as an attenuated signal (sometimes only in certain bands).


Your installations may have faulty connectors/cables and you may not know about it. Your client may have a repeater system that is not performing at its best.

Avoid this situation by testing all your cables.

Cable Testing kit

The Cable Tester (CT) is a kit comprising of 2 products, the tone generator (TG) and tone receiver (TR).  You attach the TG to one end of the cable you wish to test, and TR to the other end of the cable.

The TG generates a 1000MHz tone and sends this down the cable. The TR receives this 1000MHz tone and measures its power.

The TG also sends 3.3V down the core of the cable and the TR measures this voltage also.

The CT can do the following:

  • Calculate the loss across the cable in dBs.
  • Estimate the length of the cable.
  • Tell you if there is a short in the cable.
  • Tell you if there is an open circuit.

cable length dia with tools


  • Both the TG and TR are battery powered.
  • The TG has a simple LED indicator, informing you that the 1000Mhz tone and battery supply is OK.
  • The TR has a touch LCD display. The main screen shows all the data points above.
  • Program in custom cable types into the TR.
  • Detect OPEN and SHORT circuits.
  • Measure cable loss in dBs.
  • Measure cable length.